Introducing TruProbe - A Revolution in Downhole Surveying

Veracio proudly unveils TruProbe, a cutting-edge downhole surveying platform that promises unparalleled accuracy, ease, and speed in ore body knowledge acquisition.

This modular, stackable solution integrates seamlessly via a single app, offering a blend of North-seeking gyro, gamma detection, rig alignment, and wireline depth counting. Designed for the harsh environments of mineral exploration, TruProbe redefines safety, efficiency, and reliability in drilling operations.

Core Features of TruProbe:

  • Modular and Stackable: A survey solution that combines multiple functions for comprehensive downhole data collection.
  • Integrated App Control: Simplifies operations, ensuring all data and controls are accessible through a single, easy-to-use app.
  • Robust Gamma Surveys: Offers simultaneous gamma and borehole deviation logging, enhancing geological analysis without compromising accuracy.
  • North-Seeking Gyro: The compact integration allows for precise directional drilling and core sample retrieval without the need for external housings.
  • Wireless Connectivity and Data Transfer: Ensures seamless operation and data management in fast-paced drilling environments.

TruProbe represents a significant advancement for driller operators and geologists, providing a digital geophysics platform that enhances downhole survey accuracy and efficiency. Its robust design and innovative features ensure that every survey delivers confidence, precision, and comprehensive insights, making it an indispensable tool for the modern exploration and mining industry.

About Veracio

Veracio provides mineral exploration and mining companies with a range of technology solutions that are specifically designed to improve the speed, richness and reliability of core sample and downhole data. Veracio offers a range of solutions that improve, automate, and digitally transform their orebody sciences in exploration, resource definition and production. Championing a modern approach through a diverse product portfolio Veracio fuses science and technology together with digital accessibility by using advanced scanning, sensing with strong data governance and the deployment of AI to accelerate real-time decision making and significantly improve efficiency, profitability, and sustainability across the value chain.

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With over 100 years of hard-won experience and international pedigree in our field, Veracio pioneers ground-breaking technologies to provide clear, accurate data sets that reveal more valuable, actionable information than ever before.

From in-field geochemistry and artificial intelligence, to on-rig performance capturing rock properties in real-time, our platforms are designed to change what you expect from your own orebody knowledge.

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