The next generation of Core Scanning.

Rapid mineralogy, co-registered XRF, automated workflows and QAQC.
TruScan 2 is the beginning of
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Our cutting-edge HyperXRF scanning technology revolutionizes the way you analyze and identify materials, providing fast and precise results.

The width of the XRF beam and the pixel-width of the hyperspectral scan are identical. Allowing for the accurate measurement of continuous mineralogy and elemental geochemistry from the same location on core or chips.

Sensor fusion captures co-registered data

Giving geologists a multiples data streams binned in the same intervals to analyze at a scale useful and reliable for drill-out campaigns and resource definition.

Designed by geologists, for geologists

Bringing together leading minds from around the industry, HyperXRF is specifically designed to solve the most discreet challenges faced by our clients; data fidelity, data speed and data quality.

24 hour geochemical + mineralogical results

3mm wide continuous scan binned in 100mm averaging intervals collects enough volume of data to enable decisions on the day of drilling.

With a Semi-automated QA/QC process

Utilising both AI and geoscientific review the data is processed and quality assured within the 24hour turn-around window.

Unlock the Power of Rapid Mineralogy Analysis

Mineral outputs are aligned with XRF elemental data – this allows us to provide a calculated (quantified) whole rock mineralogy.

Hyperspectral Mineralogy Data

Visible to Near Infrared (VNIR) and Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) Data collected detects key mineral groups like iron oxides, REE, pyroxenes, olivines, clays, micas, carbonates, sulphates, amphiboles, epidote, serpentine, tourmaline.

Market-leading XRF Data

Using continuous scanning and multiple phases of energy (15KvA and 50KvA)we collect the widest range of data ((Na) Mg–U) at the lowest detection limits available.
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Experience Next-Level Orebody Knowledge with TruScan 2

TruScan 2 revolutionizes the way you work, providing improved efficiency and accuracy for your business needs.
Improved Efficiency
Save time and resources with TruScan 2's advanced technology and streamlined processes.
Enhanced Accuracy
Achieve precise results and reduce errors with TruScan 2's cutting-edge scanning capabilities.

Q1 Pre-Orders

Open for pre-orders, allowing customers to secure their TruScan 2 units.
Site trials

Q2 Site Trials

Complete site trials to ensure TruScan 2 meets the needs of our customers.
First deliveries

Q3 First Deliveries

Begin delivering the first TruScan 2 units to our valued customers.

Q4 Prioritized

Prioritize TruScan 2 deliveries to existing scanning customers for seamless integration.

Get started with XRF calibration

Reserve your place in the queue and experience accurate results.

Global leaders in Core Scanning.

From the largest reach to the widest elemental range and the strongest panel of experts in the industry, Veracio are the global leaders in core scanning.

With the most experts working worldwide on supporting our core scanning operations. Our teams are led by PhD geoscientists, geochemists and spectral geologists.


15 years of experience


Office locations globally


Metres of core scannned


Experienced staff

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