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Minalyze develops and produces advanced analytical instruments for geological data acquisition and related software for data visualization. Development and production of instruments and software are made in Sweden.
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Minimum preparation is needed to scan core trays with the Minalyzer. The Minalyzer scans cores directly in their trays and is in-different about the type of trays (e.g wooden, plastic, metal etc) and will scan core up to PQ in size. The Minalyzer also has the capacity to scan chip trays, pellets and pulps.
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High-resolution photography of core is consistently acquired and automatically managed in the Minalyzer. Provides a documentation prepared for the future and an ease of mind. Saves time on routine core photography and data management tasks.
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The topography scan in the Minalyzer generates a 3D model of the core and tray which constitutes the foundation for the following XRF scan. In bonus, several valuable datasets are generated from the topography scan.
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Artificial intelligence applied on the topography model automatically generates the optimal scanning paths for fast and accurate data acquisition.
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Fast and continuous XRF scanning non-destructively generates high resolution analysis along the full core length. Receive more assay data while reducing sample preparation and logistics, without increasing the assay budget.
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Data extracted from the Minalyzer is presented in a web based cloud software provides an enhanced experience.
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Dig deeper with Minalogger

Get access to all data extracted by the Minalyzer in our web-based cloud software. The all-in-one place solution provides an enhanced experience of generated as well as external datasets, making sure you get to explore more.

Geoscientific Data

Minalyze CS give you a range of possibilities. 
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Chemical Assays
Chemical Assays
Continuous non-destructive XRF based analysis of elements from Magnesium to Uranium on high resolution.
Assaying a geological sample using traditional methods is both time consuming and destructive. Minalyzer CS provide fast high resolution assays based on X-ray Fluorescence. Receive more assay data while reducing sample preparation and logistics, without increasing the assay budget.
  • Continuous Measurement
  • Highly Representative
  • Multi-elemental
  • Non-Destructive
  • Compatible dataset
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Continuous non-destructive XRF based analysis of elements from Magnesium to Uranium on high resolution.
Geological sample photography is routinely collected as part of the geological logging and documentation work flow in the industry. Geologists often refer to photographs for re-logging and verification purposes. The Minalyzer CS collects photographs of the sample as part of the scanning process with consistent quality and unmatched resolution.
  • High Resolution
  • Consistent Quality
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Point clouds of sub-millimeter precision recreates a digital representation of your core tray.
Every sample is unique, in order to digitize and scan the sample with high precision, a topographic model of the sample is acquired as part of the scanning process. The topographic model is utilized for guiding the scanning process but also enables for generation of several value adding data sets as well as documentation and sample visualization.
  • Points in the Cloud
  • Sub-Millimeter Resolution
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Rock Quality
Rock Quality
Fracture frequenzy are measured as part of the workflow providing Rock Quality Designation values for any section of the scanned core.
Determining the Rock Quality Designation is traditionally a very time consuming task, however also a very important task especially regarding safety in operations underground. The Rock Quality Designation can be determined as part of the Minalyzer CS scanning process.
  • Enhanced Analysis
  • On any Interval
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Structural Logging
Structural Logging
Based on core topography and imaging of oriented core, the alpha and beta angles can be derived digitally in an efficient, accurate and convenient way.
Oriented drill core provides a lot of detailed structural information about the geology of a project. Drillers mark the side of the drill core that either points down or up by using a special orientation device. Structural features, such as fractures, veins, and foliation, can be measured relative to the orientation line by measuring the so-called alpha and beta angles which is normally done by hand.
  • Structural Features
  • Quick and Accurate
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Specific Gravity
Specific Gravity
The specific gravity is generated on any interval along the scanned core through the X-SG method.
A great multitude of cumbersome and labor intensive methods are traditionally used to estimate the density of rock samples, for example hydrostatic weighing, gamma-ray densitometry or gas pycnometry. Minalyzer CS can accurately estimate the specific gravity as part of the scanning process.
  • X-SG
  • Reliable on any Interval
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“Minalyze’s technology represents a significant advance in quick geochemistry to support the exploration geologist in her or his endeavours to find deposits viable for mining,”
Johan Sjöberg, Chief Geologist,
Nickel Mountain Group AB.
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Continuous XRF scanning
1 cm/sec default scanning speed
Scanning sensor
0.2 mm x 1 mm topographic resolution
Line-scan camera
15 px/mm resolution
3-Axis Robotic System
Enables scanning of core, chips, pulps and pressed pellets
Connected instrument
Several connectivity interfaces enables flexible data communication and remote support.
Radiation safe and robust, designed for mobility.
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Technical Data:

130 (W) x 180 (L) x 120 (H) CM
1000 KG
3P+N+PE, 400V 16A
53 (W) x 1100 (L) x 10 (H) CM
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