Global leaders in
Core Scanning

Experience the next generation of geoscientific accuracy and efficiency with Veracio's cutting-edge core scanning technology.
In a world-first technology, available in Q3 2024, we will provide hyperspectral scanning that is co-registered registered with XRF data and provided within 24 hours.
Non-Destructive, Multi-Elemental Assays Our scanning technology provides across the Periodic Table.

Using market-leading XRF technologies, we offer the widest elemental range at the lowest detection limits available.
An automated process that captures high resolution photos of both wet and dry core.

Controlled environments ensure scaled campaigns of core processing are captured and recorded on the same basis.
Using LiDAR scanning we capture a point cloud of the scanned core in its core boxe. Recording the profile and topography of the core for further analysis and derived data such a volume and bulk density.

Multiple Data Streams
in a Single Scan

HyperXRF is a targeted  hyperspectral system that provides rapid and high-quality mineralogical results. Seamlessly integrating with XRF data, it revolutionizes the way mineralogical analysis is conducted.
VNIR+SWIR Scanning co-registered with XRF
The width of the XRF beam and the pixel-width of the hyperspectral scan are identical. Allowing for the accurate measurement of continuous mineralogy and elemental geochemistry from the same location on core or chips.
Co-Registered with XRF
Hyperspectral scan width aligned with XRF assays. The width of the XRF beam and the pixel-width of the hyperspectral scan are identical. Allowing for the accurate measurement of continuous mineralogy and elemental geochemistry from the same location on core or chips. Infer additional minerals: via geochemistry using the co-registration of the Hyperspectral analysis and the XRF scans.
Rapid Mineralogy (24hrs)
Hyperspectral data that is efficient enough to be delivered day of scanning; by being just large enough to reliably inform decisions.

While being Hyperspectral imaging has a habit of being large data sets that take weeks and sometimes months of manual processing. Our approach to VNIR and SWIR hyperspectral scanning provides mineralogical results within 24 hours.
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Automated QA/QC
Purpose-built instrumentation drives a robust QA/QC process involving sensing, AI and spectral geoscientific review. Regularly scanning known pucks throughout the process to confirm instrument stability and consistency along with with automated data QA/QC built into every scan. This means consistency of data between geos, and systems integration, directly from site.
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15 years of value from core-based decisions

We've worked in core scanning since 2009 with all core founders still within the company, accumulating over 3M metres of core scanned; the largest dataset for XRF of core logging in our industry... And along the way, we've learned lessons from challenges our competitors are only starting to come to terms with.
minalyzer cs
A compact, bench-mounted, precision scanning environment with image classification, bulk density, specific gravity and 3D logging software.
Learn more
A compact, bench-mounted, precision scanning environment with image classification, bulk density, specific gravity and 3D logging software.
Learn more
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Start by scanning what you have

Scanning and assistive technologies not only consistently capture high-quality data, but also greatly reduces labor demands while elevating logging outcomes.
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Whole and Half-core scanning
Continuous XRF scanning Diamond Drill core in trays along with post-processed and cut samples of the same
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Chips, jars and pellets
Everything from RC chip trays to homogenized and fine-grained material that has been prepped as a controlled sample.
The deployment of scanning technologies, especially at Red Chris, has been important in understanding fine-grained mineral geochemistry and sulfide distributions. This real-time data has allowed our resource team to build geological models in advance, reducing reliance on lab assays.
Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris
Chief Geoscientist, Newmont

Advanced Logging

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Automated Structural Logging
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Drive a digital AI-led approach to structural logging and Rock Quality

Designation (RQD). Giving geologists and geotechs standardized, accurate

and high-speed access to structural data while reducing manual handling and rework.
With its state-of-the-art 3D logging features, users can effortlessly navigate through complex geological structures, visualize core samples in three dimensions, and accurately measure geological features such as fractures, veins, and lithological boundaries. This 3D perspective not only enhances the understanding of spatial relationships within the geological data but also allows for a more comprehensive analysis of core samples, enabling users to identify and annotate geological features with unparalleled precision and ease.
Lithological Logging
lithological logging screenshot
Use the geochemical signature of logged core to predictively log lithologies.

Log core digitally across various scales with fully customizable labels, this semi-automated platform will learn the geochemical signature of logged lithologies to refine and predict, greatly increasing the geologist’s efficiency in the logging process.
Image Classification
image classification screenshot
Automating core sample analysis through advanced image classification, this breakthrough method revolutionizes the precision and consistency of geological assessments.

Our trained model not only predicts the composition of drill cores but also generates comprehensive true- and false-color panels for each segment. This advanced prediction technique is encapsulated in a user-friendly .csv file, offering an unprecedented continuous down-hole dataset.

Experience the Power of Veracio's Core Scanning

Our feature section highlights the four key aspects of our core scanning technology, providing you with valuable insights for better decision-making.
Metal Deportment scans in sub-block increments
Through its high-resolution, continuous XRF scan in increments as small as 10mm, our core scanning technologies can map economic metal deportment across entire drill holes and across complete resources and their peripheral mineralised waste zones.
Extract Specific Gravity from every sample
This automated calculation simplifies the process of determining the specific gravity of various minerals and rock samples, enabling geologists to quickly assess material properties and make informed decisions based on the composition and density of geological samples.
Extract Bulk Density from every sample
This feature is particularly useful for evaluating the structural properties of geological formations, aiding in the assessment of reservoir characteristics, soil stability, and material suitability for various engineering applications.
Automated RQD
Facilitating detailed analysis and data management and Interval Generation, allowing for the creation of RQD intervals with a standard of one meter, with the option to adjust the measurement to user preferences. Calculate RQD scores for fractured cores and visualize core lengths and definitions.
Campaign drilling can be a delicate interplay between accuracy and cost, that becomes even more complex when drilling is done in an information vacuum.
Experience the transformation of the drilling process from an intricate puzzle to a streamlined opportunity. Choose Veracio, and establish your mining operation at the forefront of drilling excellence.
The interpretive nature of core logging is facing a paradigm shift in grappling with the challenges of reconciling fragmented datasets with the emergent powe of AI.
Assistive Logging rises as a solution, harmonizing tradition with innovation, ensuring even greater precision and assurance for core shed workflows that result in data that not just consistent, but optimised for AI.
The delays inherent between blasting and the receipt of assay results makes short interval control challenging and sometimes impossible.
Both Veracio’s TruScan and Minalyzer offer rapid assays and geochemical data for Comminution Optimisation and Mineral Processing Plant Optimisation within the shift planning window

Global leaders in Core Scanning.

From the largest reach to the widest elemental range and the strongest panel of experts in the industry, Veracio are the global leaders in core scanning.

With the most experts working worldwide on supporting our core scanning operations. Our teams are led by PhD geoscientists, geochemists and spectral geologists.


15 years of experience


Office locations globally


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