Optimizing Ore Sorting:

Unearth a Mine's True Potential

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Ore sorting is more than just a process; it's a strategy that can dramatically transform the landscape of mining operations.

That’s where Veracio has a part to play.

In the intricate web of mining studies and operations, ore sorting is emerging as a pivotal process, determining not only an an operations efficiency but also it’s sustainability.

Veracio’s approach to ore sorting:

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With Veracio's innovative approach, mining studies can now evaluate the amenability of a deposit for sorting with precision. This not only impacts the capital provision but also significantly improves the sustainability outcomes of key strategic investments.
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For ongoing mining operations, every moment counts. Veracio steps in with an advanced short-interval control mechanism that enhances geological modeling and ore/waste profiling. With our technology, you can ensure your operations are always at peak efficiency and productivity.

The Ore Sorting Trifecta

Mine geology and project teams alike can take advantage of our unique approach to ore sorting that goes far beyond traditional tools.
  1. Firstly, by identifying waste particles early on, TruScan enhances the average grade of processed ore, maximizing value extraction.
  2. Secondly, the technology plays a pivotal role in reducing the volume of fine tailings produced, signaling a reduced environmental footprint and waste management costs.
  3. Lastly, by curbing the need for expensive comminution stages, TruScan paves the way for significant capital cost savings, redefining the project's economic viability.
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Assessing Viability from the Ground Up

With TruScan, Veracio is poised to transform the narrative. Designed to enable mining companies to critically assess ore sorting viability during the crucial study phase, TruScan ensures decision-making is both strategic and data-driven. By bridging the gap between study economics and practical execution, it optimizes mine design and resource definitions across all stages - from Scoping to the Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS). Through TruScan's meticulous approach, study teams can now harness empirical data to gauge a deposit's sorting potential, ushering in a smarter, more efficient methodology right from the initial design stages of a mine.
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What can ore sorting look like?

Size Screening is the critical first step in the process. By segregating feed into different size fractions, processing capacity is maximized, significantly reducing the need for costly comminution stages. This stage, when optimized, can produce immediate capital cost savings and dramatically influence the overall economic feasibility of operations.
Bulk Sorting presents a major opportunity for efficiency. This process of separating mined material based on specific properties like grade or rock type allows mining companies to better allocate resources and increase processing efficiency. When strategically deployed, this can dramatically transform the cost profile of a deposit, turning even low-grade mineralized zones into valuable resources and unlocking hidden economic potential.
Particle Sorting takes this strategy a step further. By selecting or rejecting individual particles based on their properties, companies can make more precise and efficient resource allocations. This accuracy significantly boosts operational efficiency and contributes to additional cost savings.
Blast Sample sorting aims to preconcentrate at the face in open pit mining my achieving geochemistry assays on blast hole samples ahead of the shift planning. Optimising ore/waste designations and upgrading mill feed accordingly.
Rehandle Optimisation can significantly improve metal recovery rates in the by managing the blend of materials processed. This maximises the quantity of metal recovered from any given amount of mined ore. Increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and ultimately enhancing long-term profitability.

Case Study.

Optimizing Capital Profile through Ore Sorting Amenability Study


In a collaboration with a junior explorer in the USA, Veracio showcased its prowess by leveraging a global network of geoscientific experts and cloud-based technologies. Through unique Core Scanning capabilities, we identified that most of the mined mass was barren, focusing our energies on the ore-rich segments. The outcome? A staggering reduction in capital costs, transforming the economic profile of the mineral deposit.

When it comes to energy metals needed for the green transition, Veracio is breaking new ground.

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Unearth precision, efficiency, and cost savings by diving into the future of drill core exploration with Veracio.

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