Boart Longyear

Jeff Olsen speaks with The Northern Miner Podcast

Jeff reflects on the global mining industry, drilling and shares positively about his hopes for the future.

September 15, 2023

This episode (below) features a conversation between the Norther Miner Podcast and Boart Longyear CEO and Veracio Chairman, Jeff Olsen. Jeff describes his view of the global mining industry, the impacts of inflation, which parts of the globe he sees the most growth, and the future of drilling, including developments in artificial intelligence and real-time on-site data processing.

...if you can get those answers with our TruScan technology in 30mins, over satellite data transfer, that geologist can look at that data at a much higher quality in terms of seeing those high-definition pictures as well as the elemental analysis, as well as the auto structural logging information that we've developed from AI, you can make decisions much quicker. And the ability to develop orebodies out there fast is going be a trend out there in the mining industry and is going to be necessary to meet the demands of a new green world.
Boart Longyear

Established in 1890, Boart Longyear is the world’s leading provider of drilling services, drilling equipment and performance tooling for mining and drilling companies. It also has a substantial presence in aftermarket parts and service, energy, mine de-watering, oil sands exploration, production drilling, and down-hole instrumentation.