Accurate and Secure Downhole Surveys

Empowering Precision and Integrity with Every Survey
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A World-Class
Gyro Survey
Precise. Accurate. Fast.

Independent north seeking measurements improve survey accuracy, with its accuracy and multi-directional capability, TruGyro ensures that drilling is precise, leading to better resource definition and lower risks of operational errors.
A World-Class
Operator App
Simple. Easy. Integrated.

The operator app features built-in guidance, complete with tooltips and safety messaging to reinforce safe and effective usage guidelines, minimizing uncertainty around a successful survey.
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And Secure
Cloud Storage
Safe. Secure. Accessible.

TruGyro™ seamlessly integrates with cloud services and partners, allowing you to visualize the hole path in three dimensions, view customized survey reports, and download and manage survey data in a safe and secure platform.
The most compact and integrated continuous north-seeking gyro tool in drilling.
The most compact and integrated continuous
north-seeking gyro tool in drilling.
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Truly Accurate

When targeting difficult to intersect orebodies, confidence in underlying measurements is critically important to both exploration and mining phases.

TruGyro provides verified 3σ (99.7%) confidence on north seeking azimuth measurements with ±0.9° accuracy in most attitudes ranging from horizontal to vertical*, adapting to various drilling needs without the requirement for different tools.
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Deeply Precise

In the intricate realm of downhole surveying, the distinction between precision and accuracy isn’t just technical jargon—it dictates the success of operations. Precision is the tool’s ability to consistently reproduce results, while accuracy is its ability to produce results that align closely with true values.
Even in considerable depths where slight misjudgments can result in major operational discrepancies, TruGyro’s cutting-edge sensors and world-class design ensure that measurements taken are both on the mark and consistent.
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Unrivaled Confidence

Using a 2000m hole with a dip of -30° and target azi of 135°, a survey taken with a less accurate technology and methodology could mean a difference of up to 46m in the calculated hole path with an additional 51m of potential uncertainty when compared the other commonly used gyro technologies**.
**Does not include continuous measurements which do not have validated error models.
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Safe and Efficient Operation:

The support for both Link Latch™ and Roller Latch™ overshot assemblies ensures safe and efficient operations.

The fast readings by TruGyro accelerate the surveying process, enabling quicker project timelines and efficient progress.

Enabling Cost Efficiency:

By providing fast and accurate data, TruGyro reduces the cost implications of unnecessary drilling and operational errors.

Supporting Sustainability:

Drill deliberately, reduce waste and promote sustainable mining practices, aligning with global ESG goals.

Integrated Data:

TruGyro’s cloud integration and compatibility with other Veracio platforms mean that the data can be easily visualized, downloaded, and managed, streamlining processes for projects.

Quality Data:

TruGyro provides highly accurate readings, ensuring confidence in the data, crucial for planning and decision-making stages.

Enhanced Decision-making:

The data generated by TruGyro, integrated with other Veracio platforms, providing valuable contextual information for orebody knowledge. Informing critical resource definition decisions.

Benefits of

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Secure user management data storage and retrieval

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Safety-first Data Management

TruGyro, TruAccess, and our pioneering Data Governance come together in an alliance that reshapes the realm of downhole surveying.

Our Data Governance isn’t just about compliance; it’s about commitment. A commitment to quality, transparency, and ensuring the data you rely on is both accurate and secure.
Secure Data Portal: Built with stringent security measures, our data portals guarantee that information remains confidential and secure, always prioritizing your data’s integrity.

Accessible from Anywhere: With our cloud-connected systems, data can be accessed and reviewed from any location. Freedom and flexibility are at your fingertips.

Complete Integration with TruGyro: Designed to work in tandem, TruGyro and TruAccess provide a symbiotic relationship ensuring smooth and efficient operations without a hitch.

Streamlined Data Flow: With TruAccess, data isn’t just automated; it’s curated. A carefully crafted flow ensures accuracy, timeliness, and relevance every time.
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Log in to the portal
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Explore + Interrogate your data
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Find the data you need
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Download RAW files (eg: .CSV)
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OR batch-export multiple files
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Download RAW files (eg: .CSV)
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OR batch-export multiple files

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