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As global copper demand continues to accelerate away from supply, the mining tools necessary to find, define and mine copper ore transition from luxury to necessity.

Whether tackling a Copper Porphyry, an IOCG, or a more complex deposit, Veracio offers a sophisticated approach to optimizing copper extraction. Our solutions, powered by XRF core scanning and geoscience AI, provide near-real-time assays and critical data to enhance decision-making during intricate drilling campaigns.
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XRF Core Scanning
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3D-Drill Core Visualisation
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The significance of copper in today's world extends beyond its traditional uses. Its role in renewable energy and electrification has propelled it to the forefront of modern mining.
To ensure that extraction processes align with this rising demand, Veracio's tools and software are continuously updated to adapt to the dynamic nature of copper deposits.
From understanding deposit intricacies to enhancing core sample density measurements, Copper is central to the Veracio story and our commitment is unyielding.

Case Study.

Enhancing Geology Workflows at Red Chris Mine

At Newcrest's Red Chris mine in British Columbia, timely data became crucial, more so during the unexpected challenges brought by the COVID pandemic. Using TruScan's sensor technology, the geologists received invaluable real-time insights into spatial modeling of core samples, gaining a significant advantage by obtaining crucial data weeks before the final laboratory assays were available.


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