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Iron Ore.

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Foundational to modern infrastructure and pivotal in the global economy, iron ore mining presents its own set of challenges. The large-scale deposits and varied nature of the ore make extraction complex. Merging traditional techniques with innovative geology technology is vital to ensure profitable and sustainable excavations. The significance of detailed XRF core scanning on iron ore samples and the elements necessary for processing is undeniable.
As global steel and iron demand rises, miners must have technologies to ensure exact geochemical assays and boost value in mining regions. Veracio's advanced tools facilitate top-notch geological spectra analysis, addressing iron ore geochemistry challenges with precision.

Case Study.

Assaying for phospherous in Iron Ore chips

Our partnership with Major Miner in Western Australia showcased the benefits of integrating modern geology software with conventional mining. Using TruScan to trial the consistency and reliability of blast hole chip samples in Iron Ore, operational efficiency was elevated, proving the opportunity for a marked uplift in grade control processes, solidifying TruScan's position as a pivotal tool for modern iron ore mining.


Veracio is changing the game in iron ore mining.

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