Deleterious Elements.

an arsenic elementa phosphorus elementa sulfur elementa ferum elementa selenium element
In mining, while the pursuit is primarily for valuable elements, understanding the presence and role of deleterious elements is equally crucial. Their presence can influence the quality and valuation of the primary resource. For instance, arsenic, when associated with orebodies like copper, cobalt, and gold, presents specific challenges and requires meticulous management. Similarly, in iron ore mining, contaminants like phosphorous and sulfur play a pivotal role, impacting the quality of the extracted ore.
Like most operations, one of the key challenges is acquiring grade control data before it’s too late. And when labs are already at capacity, there’s very little that can be done to minimize losses. Until now.
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3D-Drill Core Visualisation
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XRF Core Scanning
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Case Study.

Short interval grade control assays on blast hole chips.

The TruScan's ability to provide rapid, accurate, and real-time grade data has demonstrated its potential in optimizing grade control and mill recovery at a Tier 1 Copper Deposit in Canada. Veracio has conducted a successful proof of concept study to show the viability of providing short-interval control in grade control modelling. The chip sampling trial has proven the value and potential of this technology in addressing the challenges of lab capacity issues and the need for short-interval control in grade control modelling.

When it comes to energy metals needed for the green transition, Veracio is breaking new ground.

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