SEG Paper: The Power of Scanning Technologies in Geology

In collaboration with Newmont's Chief Geoscientist Anthony Harris, we are proud to have captured a transformative approach to geology with the publication "Empowering Geologists in the Exploration Process—Maximizing Data Use from Enabling Scanning Technologies."

This paper, published in the January/February 2024 edition of SEG Discovery, highlights the pivotal role of semiautomated XRF scanning in redefining drill core analysis.

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Key Insights from the Paper:

  • Innovative Approach: Showcases the integration of XRF scanning in operations, enhancing exploration outcomes and operational efficiencies.
  • Case Studies: Features practical applications from Canada and Australia, demonstrating the effectiveness of scanning technologies in providing consistent and robust data.
  • Empowering Geologists: TruScan technology enables near-real-time delivery of sensor-derived metal values, significantly impacting drill hole planning and core-shed workflows.
  • Global Application: The methodologies and technologies discussed are practical solutions applicable in real-world scenarios.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in mining and exploration, offering practical solutions that leverage technology for enhanced geological outcomes. By providing more consistent and objective data, this approach minimizes subjective observations, enriches exploration guides, and transforms core-shed workflows, setting a new standard for the industry.

About our work at Red Chris Mine in BC, Canada

TruScan capabilities became a critical tool that Newcrest could use to effectively communicate the value and potential of the RedChris Project; enhancing transparency and confidence with investors and stakeholders. Using the rapid analysis, the Project achieved a remarkable reduction in taking on-site scanning through to public release in only six weeks. Ensuring that the market received timely updates on key a grade discovery between December 2019 and January 2020. "Not only were metal values available for spatial modeling weeks in advance of final laboratory assays, but the data also helped prioritize intervals to be rushed to the lab."

About Veracio

Veracio provides mineral exploration and mining companies with a range of technology solutions that are specifically designed to improve the speed, richness and reliability of core sample and downhole data. Veracio offers a range of solutions that improve, automate, and digitally transform their orebody sciences in exploration, resource definition and production. Championing a modern approach through a diverse product portfolio Veracio fuses science and technology together with digital accessibility by using advanced scanning, sensing with strong data governance and the deployment of AI to accelerate real-time decision making and significantly improve efficiency, profitability, and sustainability across the value chain.

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With over 100 years of hard-won experience and international pedigree in our field, Veracio pioneers ground-breaking technologies to provide clear, accurate data sets that reveal more valuable, actionable information than ever before.

From in-field geochemistry and artificial intelligence, to on-rig performance capturing rock properties in real-time, our platforms are designed to change what you expect from your own orebody knowledge.

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Sample Scanning
TruScan™ offers explorers and mine geologists non-destructive and accurate elemental data of chips and core, right there in the field. Capable of scanning 80 to 100m (200 to 300 ft) of core per 12-hour shift (depending on required data density) and many more meters (feet) per shift on RC chips, a single unit can potentially scan the core from multiple drill rigs, legacy core, or a combination of both.
About Veracio

Our mission is simple.

At Veracio, we’re building and deploying a new wave of technologies that will redefine the way the world mines. Leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to generate powerful, differentiated data about what lies beneath us.Where believe more is less. And when you know more, you work better, you search less and waste less.