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VERACIO announces AI-based geology project with in-situ core scanning

Veracio's technology seeks to improve decision making in mining operations to reduce the carbon footprint and correct data resolution for geoscientific personnel.

February 29, 2024

Veracio, a pioneercompany in AI and geology solutions integrated with science and OBK (depositknowledge), began a project for an open pit, low-grade copper mining companythat in its initial phase includes 15,000 meters of core scanning andgeochemical analysis. with the TruScan platform. The company to which thisservice will be provided is Sierra Gorda SCM, a porphyry copper miningoperation with molybdenum mineralization, located in the Antofagasta Region(Chile).

“Sierra Gorda SCM is leading the application of advancedtechnology in the pursuit of continued excellence, and we are grateful thatthey have selected Veracio as a partner. At the same time, it is a greatopportunity to present our approach of offering cutting-edge OBK solutionsthrough our local Veracio team in South America.” JT Clark, CEO - Veracio

The solution also includes AI-assisted digitalregistration using cloud software and processing technologies. Additionally,this solution accelerates structural recording and rock quality designation(RQD), providing geologists and engineers with standardized, accurate andtimely access to structural data, while reducing manual handling. This willresult in greater accessibility and quality of geoscience data, which iscritical to the long-term value of the miner, and to centralize information forgeoscience staff.

Key features

Veracio's TruScan solution will improve informationquality by delivering a rapid combination of high-resolution intelligent datastreams to Sierra Gorda SCM geologists. These include: photographs of wet anddry drill cores, array-calibrated XRF (X-ray fluorescence) geochemistryobtained through a high-speed, automated, continuous scanning service, with alldata processed and analyzed within 24 hours.

Veracio is confident that Sierra Gorda SCM willbenefit from an overall reduction in environmental impact aligned with broaderESG initiatives. This includes an immediate reduction in the carbon footprintrelated to core transportation and processing, as well as significant potentialto reduce water and energy consumption through alternative design options,production optimization and better waste management. minerals and waste.Additionally, Veracio has reported that its clients have seen savings of up to 8hours per day in log analysis productivity, millions in drilling, and over $1billion in reduced capital costs on projects.


With over 100 years of hard-won experience and international pedigree in our field, Veracio pioneers ground-breaking technologies to provide clear, accurate data sets that reveal more valuable, actionable information than ever before.

From in-field geochemistry and artificial intelligence, to on-rig performance capturing rock properties in real-time, our platforms are designed to change what you expect from your own orebody knowledge.

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